Swing Out Sister.

I have been in such a wonderful mood today. I’ve been dancing around the office at work. I’ve greeted all with a smile. In short, I am happy.

Here, sing along with one of my favorite songs from the 80s.

By the way, I sang backups with a make-shift “band” on this song when I was in college in fall of 1986, before the song was released in the states. I still love singing the “whoo-ooos”, and both Earl and Tom appreciate my efforts whenever I crank this song up.

Words to live by:

Don’t start to ask
And now you’ve found a way to make it last
You’ve got to find a way
Say what you want to say

Lay down the law
Shout out for more
Breakout and shout
Day in, day out

I was originally going to write about my moderately OCD behavior, with today’s focus being on the comment left on yesterday’s entry about my use of the word Republinzai (link to urban dictionary definition). I spent the morning obsessing about the comment and my response and ended up editing my retort several times.

I then decided that I really don’t give a shit about what other people think. My use of the word was not suggesting that all Republicans are Nazis or whatever; it was referring to ONE hypothetical Republican, that exists solely in the context of one sentence (that was apparently poorly written) who is hypothetically throwing fuel on a hypothetical fire that is being used to burn gays at the stake a la Salem, Mass. several hundred years ago. Lighten up.

I’ve obsessed about what other people think about me for the last 35+ years. I’ve had enough of it. It’s time to Breakout.