No Worries.

Before heading to bed last night around 11:00, I realized that I had not written a blog entry yesterday. For a fleeting moment I thought about jumping out of bed and getting back onto the computer, ready to share some witty dialog about something I had found particularly amusing yesterday. Apparently it was so drop dead funny I have completely forgotten what it was and couldn’t reconstruct the blog entry even if I tried.

I was a little thrown off my blogging routine yesterday for a couple of reasons. Earl was heading out of town on business and at the last minute invited me to join him for lunch at one of our favorite haunts, Charlie’s Pizzeria. Quite frankly it wasn’t the nooner I was quite hoping for, but a hot veggie wrap with pasta salad will do in a pinch. Plus, I was thinking it was Monday because I had taken the real Monday off and I was all confused. What the current day of the week has to do with blogging I don’t know, since I tend to blog seven days a week. But it seemed like a good excuse.

I was also still reeling from Monday’s Horrifying McDonalds Experience in which I didn’t even get any food at the restaurant, I just used the store for a pitstop and it was still a Horrifying McDonalds Experience. Let’s just say I appreciate the eco-sensibility of hot air hand dryers on the wall instead of paper towels but it really doesn’t help in the situation of no toilet paper in the bathroom stall. I don’t think I will ever forget the look on the face of the woman enjoying her mid morning coffee at the sight of me walking out of the bathroom, with a sort of John Wayne-ish/too many guns on the belt, saggy pants gait in search of napkins, and then U-turning back into the bathroom for as long as I live.

So today I’m back on my game. Earl comes home tonight, I’m feeling pretty good and I had a wonderful blog entry cooked up in my head to share with you today.

‘Tis a pity I’ve completely forgotten it.