Here it is, the first blog entry after on-call. You know I’m going to be talking about how it wasn’t so bad after all and how I’m happy to be free of my electronic dog leash again. I have three weeks off from on-call on this run! Yay! So how am I celebrating? By agreeing to do “just a couple of hours” Thursday for a co-worker.

I’m a wainker.

Oh well, Earl will be out of town, it’ll get me a little bit of overtime and it’s only for three hours so I guess it won’t be that bad.

Now Earl and I will engage in what I call “social cramming”. We’ll go out to dinner a lot, visit with friends and family in a whirlwind tour and do lots of things we’d prefer not to discuss on this PG rated blog. (If you must know, drop me a line.)

As an added bonus, there’s a severe thunderstorm watch in effect through tonight with the possibility of “tornadic activity”! I think we’ll go storm chasing tonight and see what we can see. Why? Because we can.

Happy Monday!