A Break.

I took a break from the stress of everyday life and went for a little solo roadtrip today. I ended up driving about 375 miles, all through the Southern Tier of Upstate New York, with a very brief stop in Pennsylvania. I was basically doing some roadgeeking stuff and exploring cities and towns I was unfamiliar with.

One of the cities I drove through was the hip town of Ithaca, home of Cornell University, Ithaca College and a whole lot of trendiness. I could really love living in Ithaca someday.

Another interesting area I drove through was the Elmira-Corning area. It seems like there’s some positive growth going on in that area, which is in stark contrast to the rust belt up here along the Thruway corridor (at least these parts of it). It goods to see some parts of Upstate New York are doing well.

I find a certain amount of peace in driving on a summer day, windows down and the radio off. I shun the interstates for the most part, opting for the two-lane roads they replaced. You see more that way and you get a vibe for the small town or large city you’re passing through.

I can’t wait to do it again.

I got home just in time for Earl and I see to see the latest “Pirates of the Carribean” movie. Everyone I’ve spoken with have just gone ga-ga over this flick, and while I did enjoy the experience, I was able to maintain my composure and give it an “o.k.” I guess I don’t have Johnny Depp Fever or something.