July 2, 2006

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Earl has been generous enough to make his “refreshing fruit dip” for me to take to work tomorrow and naturally we needed fresh strawberries to compliment the effort. So this afternoon, Earl and I took a short drive down to a neighboring field to do some strawberry picking.

We had such fun.

It’s been about 25 years or so since I last picked strawberries. We used to pick wild strawberries at the airport we were always at (my dad is a private pilot). We’d fill styrofoam coffee cups of these little strawberries, wash them off and then cover them with sugar and eat them. So tasty. Small wonder I was a relatively hyper child.

My grandmother used to take us “real” strawberry picking when we were in our early grade school years. I think I remember eating more berries than what I put in the little cardboard carrier.

Today I only had two berries while we were picking. I had to make sure that they were ripe and ready to go. They were quite tasty.

Fightin’ Words.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Rosie O’Donnell fan and that I really enjoy her blog. Since Star Jones’ appearance on Larry King Live this week, there’s been a few messages to the “Ask Ro” feature regarding Rosie’s “mistreatment” of Star. For example:

angelawalton@aol.com writes:
You are nothing but trailer park trash. You are notqualified to carry Star’s shoes much less crtique her life. I am sick of fat obnoxious white trash like you.

I love how people feel they can hide behind an e-mail address and spew venemous tripe at people they’ve never even met. At least when I do it on my blog, you know where you can write to say your piece as well. Thankfully, Rosie let us know where we can send a message as well.

I just sent Angela an e-mail. I’m curious to see if she responds.