July 3, 2006

He’s Back.


Earl and I went and saw “Superman Returns” tonight. Reading various reviews online, reaction to the movie has been rather mixed but we both agree that it was the best film we’ve seen this year.

I really like Brandon Routh as Superman. He carries Superman with just enough twinkle and a touch of cockiness in his eye. I thought the cinematography and special effects were absolutely superb. From the pacing of the movie to the musical score, the whole film has a nostalgic air about it that makes a person from my generation, having grown up with the Christopher Reeves films, quite comfortable with the experience.

Earl and I are thinking about catching this movie again as we hope to see the IMAX version. I’ve always been a big fan of superheroes and “Superman Returns” definitely lives up to my high expectations.

Happy Holidays?

I was talking with a customer day today who ended the call by wishing me a happy holidays. I found this odd. I think it may have been the first time I’ve ever been wished a happy holidays in reference to Independence Day. While the sentiment was in the right place and I took it at face value, to me the phrase just sounded weird. I had a fleeting moment to respond with “Merry Christmas” but I thought better of it. I didn’t want to sound mean.

I sincerely hope that we are not about to go generalizing all the holidays now and have a one-size fits all approach when it comes to wishing others well in the spirit of a given holiday. It’s bad enough that we fire off fireworks at the drop of a hat now. Fireworks should be reserved for the celebration of Independence Day. The only other time that I approve the launching of fireworks is for local volunteer fire departments’ “field days”, and that’s to celebrate the community we live in. These days it seems like we’re dragging sparklers out for any ol’ reason… “Grandma cleaned her dentures, time to launch some M80s!”

I blame marketing people. It’s like these folks that put up Christmas lights for every reason in the world. We have green St. Patrick’s Day lights. We have pink and yellow Easter lights. We have brown Thanksgiving lights. Christmas lights go on the Christmas tree and maybe around a porch pole or two. And that occurs after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. O.k., there are some instances where Christmas lights work in other places, like all white lights in a tree at the mall, on a Walt Disney World parade float or at a popular tradition at local gay campgrounds called “Illumination Weekend”. But I don’t get the Christmas lights going up for the other holidays.

And while I’m approaching a rant here, what is up with exchanging gifts at Easter? A few pieces of candy for the kids and some together time around the family dinner table, that’s it people. The easter bunny should not bring Melvin a bicycle and an X-box.

This generalization of various holidays is taking away from the moments themselves. Our founding fathers gave their lives for the freedom that we enjoy today and we remember this with “Independence Day”. Each holiday is unique and should be honored by remembering the reason for that day. So if you want to wish someone a wonderful Independence Day, make it simple and say “Have a Happy 4th!” or “Happy Independence Day!”, then go out with your loved ones and enjoy the fireworks.

Just don’t put up the Christmas lights and Easter eggs at the same time.