July 1, 2006


Beard Check Up.

Originally uploaded by macwarriorny.

So here’s a picture of me sitting at my PowerBook. No, I’m not naked, I do have shorts on. I’m just enjoying the breeze from the window behind me.

This is the third week of the new beard, one week of the new mustache. I’m glad I tried the no mustache look but I decided that it really wasn’t for me. Earl has done the same with his goatee and it looks awesome. I’ll let him carry the no mustache glory for the family.

As we’ve been spending time at home today, I’ve been thinking about a few goals I want to attain this summer. One of them is to get my butt back on my bike and to ride a century (100 miles) ride. Somewhere. Anywhere. Preferably along the Erie Canal trail.

As soon as this run of on-call comes to an end on Monday I’m going to be hitting the trails once again. I’m looking forward to the challenge.