Green Lakes State Park.

Green Lakes State Park.

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Earl and I are spending the weekend camping at Green Lakes State Park just east of Syracuse. While this is our traditional Easter picnic spot, it’s our first time camping here. The experience has been pleasant.

Stage right we have a young couple and his mother-in-law from the more rural area of the Mohawk Valley. They introduced themselves as Bill, Regina and Ruby. They have a small dog named Gizmo that hasn’t figured out how the leash around the pole thing works. They are friendly enough but they argue amongst themselves quite a bit. They were somewhat dismayed that we were eating lunch when they were still trying to figure out how to light their camp stove for the eggs and bacon they had planned for breakfast. It was 12:30 p.m. at the time.

To stage left we have a group of people with a really beat-up station wagon, complete with wood paneling. It may be mahogany. They have a small compound of tents around a blazing campfire. I think they forgot to bring a few things along, including their teeth. But they seem harmless enough and pretty much keep to themselves.

While the sites are not the biggest we’ve seen during our state park experiences, they are sized comfortably so that we don’t feel like we’re camping on top of other people.

Today has been a day of pure relaxation. The weather has been perfect with the sun shining brightly and the temperature comfortable. This morning Earl and I walked around the two lakes here, Green Lake and Round Lake. It was about 2 1/2 miles when all was said and done.

The two lakes really do appear green but not from algae growth or anything like that. There are few lakes in the world like these two, in that the bottom 2/3 of the lake are never “mixed”. Even though the lakes are relatively small, they’re both very deep with Green Lake clocking in at 85 feet and Round Lake, the smaller of the two, clocking in at 175 feet deep.

Being relatively close to Syracuse, the beach area was quite busy today with lots and lots of people populating the sand and swimming areas. Earl and I went for a brief swim and enjoyed the experience.

Tonight we’re going to grill up some steaks, make our obligatory campfire popcorn and drink some beer. I’ve gathered up quite a bit of brush to start a hopefully blazing campfire.

It’s good to be able to relax in the relative peace and quiet of a state park.