The Heat Is On.

Earl and I are back from our camping trip this weekend and are settling in for the evening. This evening has turned out to be quite warm and humid, so we threw caution to the wind and just got back from a jaunt to get an ice cream.

I’m not a big fan of ice cream. I never have been. I think it was my fifth birthday party that I first decided I didn’t want the pile of ice cream in front of me and threw it into the nearest running box fan, making quite the mess. I have no doubt that I was scolded for what I did but I was never offered ice cream again. So it’s a rare occasion that I eat ice cream but I decided that Earl and I needed the little treat so off we went. I had an “apple crisp” sundae which was basically apple crisp with a plop of vanilla soft ice cream on top. It was easy to eat around the ice cream. It was very good.

Today we celebrated my dad’s birthday with a picnic at Green Lakes State Park. Earl and I had to be off our campsite by 11:00, so we packed everything up and installed ourselves on some strategically placed picnic tables in one of the beach areas. We cooked up some pork tenderloins, baked beans and other goodies. My sister’s friend brought along birthday cake for my dad, so we did the whole sing Happy Birthday bit. It was a nice way to bring the weekend to a close.

I’m typing this blog entry on my old Dell laptop because my PowerBook is charging and feels like it’s going to melt from the heat. I don’t know what’s going on with it, but I thought it might be best to give it a little bit of a rest as it charged. This old Dell isn’t too bad; I have it running the latest version of Ubuntu Linux. I’ve always been a Linux fan and I think Ubuntu is top notch. It’s definitely a superior alternative to Windows.

Earl and I are keeping busy this week with social engagements. Monday night we have dinner with my sister and my mom, Tuesday night our friend Eric is coming over for supper and on Wednesday I am judging a local beauty pageant at the “General Herkimer Days”. We’re such the social butterflies.