Earl and I just got back from enjoying the fireworks from the lawn of Utica College. Always a popular gathering place for young and old alike, Earl brought along a bunch of glowsticks and handed them out to all the kids surrounding the lawn chairs we had set up for the show. The kids threw the glowsticks up in the air in attempt to make their own fireworks. There was a dazzling array of orange, pink, purple, blue and green before the official fireworks show began.

I mentioned a couple of days that fireworks should be reserved for Independence Day. I firmly believe that as the dazzling pyrotechnics seem more special when we use them as a symbol to celebrate our country’s birthday.

Mother Nature wasn’t in the mood for a barbecue today, so we went and saw the movie “Click” after enjoying a hot dog (or two) at a locally famous hot dog joint. Nothing fires up your summer like eating a chili dog under a tent that’s being pelted by very large rain drops. Luckily the skies cleared up this evening so that we could see the fireworks!

Happy Independence Day.