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Today has been a day of getting chores done. Earl’s company vice president is coming into town to take a tour of his two plants on Monday and Tuesday, so he’s out of town getting his office outside of Albany in tip-top shape. To get all the logistics worked out, which involves a rental SUV, a corporate jet and an 18-minute flight from point A to point B (which takes about 90 minutes to drive), I ended up driving Earl to Albany and getting him settled in his hotel room. We went out for a little dinner while we were there and then I headed back home.

While he was packing and I was putting away laundry, I saw the box of clothes that have been anxiously awaiting the results of my fitness routine. I thought about it a minute and then said “what the heck”, and tried some of these clothes on.


There was no jumping across the room to land in the jeans. There was no lying down to fasten snaps, there was no fear of belts exploding off my waist. As I went through the clothes that were set aside back in 2004, I was delighted to see that my clothes were fitting nicely, boosting my confidence to new heights.

I guess the working out and eating healthy is finally paying off. I was so happy that I ended up doing cardio on the elliptical machine instead of the treadmill today at the gym. I found out the proper name for this beast, I’ve always referred to it as the “spastic thingee”. I welcomed the correction.

So I’m going to trudge on with the whole health thing and focus on staying in my “thin” clothes and building up some muscle and stamina. My goal is to be able to do a backwards flip by running up a tree (like that new Visa commercial) on my birthday in mid July.

Or at least a three day, 200 mile bike ride.