Family Night.

Tonight was a “family night” in that Earl and I spent the evening with my Mom, my aunt and uncle, my cousin and some friends. Always striving to do things in style, we went to the sold-out Billy Joel concert together after having some dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

The food was good. The waitress was rather surly, but we think she was overwhelmed by the number of patrons that were headed for the concert.

Billy Joel was excellent. The concert was at the Carrier Dome in front of a record crowd. I believe the show sold out in three hours or something like that. There were about 40,000 people there.

Billy looked good, sang phenomenally well and overall the show was a really good time. One thing I found humorous is that instead of everyone lighting lighters for encore, people now hold up their cell phone with the display lit. How’s that for a creative use of technology. Has this caught on elsewhere?

Overall, a good time was had by all.