Sweetheart Corner.

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This sign has stood at the corner of Route 11 and Taft Rd. in North Syracuse, N.Y. for at least 60 years. At this location was a locally owned grocery store, Sweetheart Market, that closed in 2003 due to competition from the big, corporate owned supermarkets. If you listen to the traffic reports on the radio, it’s Sweetheart Corner. If you’re going to one of the area businesses, you’re going to Sweetheart Corner. It’s a landmark of the Syracuse area.

Shortly after the closing of Sweetheart Market, the building was demolished and Eckerd built a brand new store on the site. I believe Eckerd had a store next to the original Sweetheart Market, most likely it was a Carl’s Drugs that became a Fays Drugs that was bought by Eckerd in the 1990s. I was happy to see that they decided to let the landmark live and they kept the original sign from the grocery store.

It shall always be “Sweetheart Corner.”