February 19, 2006

Animal Impersonations.

Jones The Owl.

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While we were visiting Rick and Helen today, getting ready for our trip to Atlantic City, our nephew Jones decided to entertain his Uncle J.P. by doing animal impersonations.

“But Jones, you are an animal”, I said to him, feeling the need to point out the obvious.

“But Uncle J.P., actually we are all animals”, he responded.

Since he felt so wise (and I agreed with him after thinking about it), he decided to do an impersonation of an owl.

Philadelphia Freedom.

Central Phila.

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Earl and I have spent a wonderful weekend in the greater Philadelphia area. Last night we went to the Philadelphia Wings lacrosse game (they didn’t do as well as we’d like) and enjoyed the amenities of the “Victor’s Lounge” with Earl’s brother Dave and his friend John. The Wings didn’t win but the buffet and the whole lacrosse fan experience made up for it.

Today we kicked off the morning by stopping in to see Earl’s dad and his stepmother. Then we met up with Rick and Helen and headed for Atlantic City, where I quickly lost my shirt but Earl won a good chunk of change at three-card poker. He made up for everything I lost, everything we tapped the ATM for to play and then doubled it all! A good way to enjoy his birthday weekend (his birthday is tomorrow).

Tomorrow we are going to get up early and take the long way home. I wonder how many states we’ll pass through. 🙂