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“Stop Your Loving!”

I was led to an interesting advice column by my blogger friend Thom. In a nutshell, a woman wrote in because of a gay couple that live next door. Apparently they were the model neighbors, helping out in the neighborhood, renovating their home beautifully and always friendly to everyone. Then they (gasp) kissed and hugged each other before leaving for work (double gasp) and the writer, so upset by this, went to church to ask her minister what to do. The minister told her to write a letter or get the others in the neighborhood together to sign a petition (surprise, surprise) asking the couple to stop this unnatural, offensive behavior. Now the writer is very surprised that the couple no longer acknowledge the presence of anyone else in the neighborhood. What to do?

I was happy to see the columnist zing right back at the writer with this response:

You’re lucky that these gentlemen merely choose to ignore you.

Your neighbors could respond to your hospitality by hosting weekly outdoor “gay pride” barbecues and inviting all of their friends to enjoy life on our quiet suburban street.

I can hold out hope that they will choose to do this, but I’m spiteful in that way. Your neighbors sound much more kind.

Good for her! Full article at this link.

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  1. Sad that people go to church to pray over what to do. My church says ” be nice to one another and do onto others as they do on to you.” I am paraphrasing, I probally messed up the words, but you know what I mean. My neighbor in Schenectady 3 doors down was a level 3 sexual offender. He raped kids. Maybe they would perfer that neighbor. Good grief……get over yourself people. We need more good neighbors in the world. I am sorry that they were treated like that.

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