February 2, 2006



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The sun brought me out of my hibernation mode today. For what it’s worth, I could see my shadow. I don’t know what happens when a bear sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, but it can’t be all bad. Not on a beautiful day like today!

All I know is that the bright sunshine today has done wonders for my mood, my outlook on life and my disposition. They say we are returning to winter starting this weekend. I don’t care.

I’m enjoying the sunshine today.

As an aside, I’ve gone from my “large” clothes to my “medium” clothes. I’m quite pumped about that.

Gussied Up.

I found this newspaper clipping on one of my daily “must read” blogs, which is maintained by Boston blogger Karl. Though no picture is included, I’m sure this woman brings new meaning to the words “Fright Night.”