February 15, 2006

Ah, Memories.

I was going through some of the stuff in the “wreck room” closet this evening looking for the documentation for the video camera when I came across a box of old photos. I hadn’t seen these in quite a few years, I thought I’d drag them out and share them.

Up first, my publicity shot from 1997. This is from when I worked at the radio station as a Program Director. It’s important to have a snazzy publicity shot in case your peers shower you with acolades in a trade magazine. I can’t even type that sentence without gagging.

And the second little gem I found was from July 1994 when I worked at a station called Hot 107. We all got together and hung out with the Fly 92 crew in neighboring (and much bigger) Albany at their summer jam. Here I am with Sherman Hemsley, Brian Cody and Matt Hubbell from Fly 92 and my co-worker from Hot 107, Becky Myers. I don’t know who the woman in shocking pink is, she just sort of jumped in the picture. Must be she wanted to be in a trade magazine too.

I wonder if being pictured with George Jefferson made me Weezy for a day.

Skyline Drive.

Skyline Drive.

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With the warm spring-like weather, Earl and I decided that we needed a breath of fresh air today. So after work we jumped in the Jeep and drove to the highest point in this area, appropriately named Skyline Drive.

Fresh air is good for the soul.

Those Teeth.

She is a beautiful woman. She’s lost her mind, actually it’s been washed away, but her beauty is still intact. That’s pretty much undeniable. Why then, does she look like she’s about to swallow a whole rat (like Diana did in “V” back in the early 80s) whenever the paparazzi grab a shot of Katie Holmes?

Come To MamaRotten Ryan mentioned this way back in October, but now that the internet is being peppered with another whacko performance* by the increasingly startling Tom Cruise and rumors of a TomKat breakup, pictures such as this are starting to appear again.

I find it all quite unnerving.

*From what I’ve been able to gather, Tom Cruise went to the Kanye West Grammy party where he didn’t like the crowd around him, so he climbed up some ropes or cables as if he were still filming for Mission Impossible. This, of course, was apparently the proper way to get to the VIP section. Once he settled in he did some crazy dance while singing along to the lyrics “we want prenup” and then asked everyone around him their religion and told them that Scientology has improved fianceé’s and his lives. I think someone forgot their Flintstone chewable that morning.


I am desperately trying to be in a good mood this morning as I get ready for work. I am not an early riser. I don’t even pretend to be. But occasionally I have to bite the bullet and get up before the sun rises so I can work the early shift at work.

I can be very cranky in the morning, but that’s a habit that I’m trying to break. So far, so good.

As I look out towards the east, I can see the beginnings of a beautiful sunrise. There’s no sign of red, so the sailors needn’t take warning today. The sky has a few puffs of clouds scattered amongst the deep, dark blue giving way to brilliant sun.

As I look at the weather forecast, I notice that it’s going to be near 50 for the next couple of days. That news just perked me up a little bit. My crankiness is now officially gone. It’s going to be a lovely day.