Still Haven’t Heard From CBS.

I’ve written the fine folks at CBS over 30 e-mails regarding the cancellation of Judging Amy. I’ve sent two typed letters and three handwritten letters. I’ve received over *100* e-mails and countless blog entry comments from dismayed fans about the cancellation of this show. Google searches turn up disappointment all over the internet.

I still have yet to hear from the “fine” folks at CBS.

I hear the new show that replaced “Judging Amy” is tanking in the ratings. I’m not surprised. “Judging Amy” is still in my TiVo season pass list, awaiting new episodes to be aired. I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to shut up. Not until someone official says something.

Just think what I would have been like during the cancellation of the original series of Star Trek!

At the very least someone could send me an autographed photo from Amy Brenneman.