October 31, 2005

I Just Won’t Shut Up.

I’m still getting a ton of e-mail about the cancellation of “Judging Amy”, seems I’ve climb to the top of the Google heap or something. Like myself, there are some mighty pissed “Judging Amy” fans out there!!!

Here’s the person you want to talk to:
Mr. Leslie Moonves
President & CEO
CBS Entertainment
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 975-4321

I did not cancel “Judging Amy” (I’m proud to say that I am nowhere near that stupid.). I am not affiliated with CBS. I’d really like the show to come back, and would at least appreciate a response from CBS acknowledging that they have at least received my e-mails, letters and postcards, but I think they’re afraid to admit they made a mistake. So keep bombarding them!

Give 212-975-4321 a phone call and tell them how you feel. Ask for Les Moonves if you want, he’s the one that took “Judging Amy” off the air. Give that phone number a call and tell them how upset you are that “Judging Amy” is no longer on CBS. They love the phone calls.



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It’s is an absolutely lovely day here in Upstate N.Y. The sun is shining brightly. Ladybugs are dancing on the window screens. The winds are warm at a balmy 63 degrees. There’s a magic in the air that can not be described by mere words.

Tonight ghosts and goblins will roam the streets looking for some candy to celebrate Halloween. Pranksters will throw some eggs or squirt some shaving cream to make their mark on society.

Tonight we will light some candles (in lieu of the traditional bonfire) and thank the Universe for all that we have been blessed with.

Today is truly a glorious day.