Splash of Color.

Splash of Color.

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Mother Nature graced us with some sunshine during my lunch break today and I had to take a moment and capture some of the vivid colors in our back lawn. We are just past the peak of leaf peeping season here in Upstate New York. Last night was a pretty good frost, which added to the brilliance of the colors in the back yard.

It’s days like this that make me appreciate the area that we live in. Normally I’m complaining about this area and how I don’t really like it here. The closest city is relatively small and economically depressed. Our shopping selection is limited to “lite” versions of the all the popular retail chains in the area. Our sales tax is the highest in the state (at a whopping 9.5 percent!). Various government agencies can’t seem to get their act together.

But then I see scenes like these and it makes me realize that it isn’t so bad after all. As Earl is constantly reminding me, its what you make of it.