My Teeth Are Not Sunkist.

I want to know who had the grand idea of making everything citrus flavored these days. Oh my toothpaste is orange flavored, my mouthwash is orange flavored, the bathroom spritzer that masks awful smells is citrus scented; it seems like it’s all about the orange grove.

Of course, it’s my own fault. I fall for the stuff, hook, line and sinker.

Let me start off by saying the orange is my favorite color. Orange is my favorite scent. I love orange juice. If it wasn’t for that mean Anita Bryant, I’d embrace orange in every way possible. I thought that it might be nifty to have toothpaste with a little orange kick. But no, it just doesn’t seem right. My breath needs to be minty fresh, not citrus fresh.

Have you tried that citrus flavored Scope? Now that is terrible. I don’t know what chemical equation they used to come up with that flavor, but I think in about five years it’s going to prove to be toxic. Better living through chemistry, indeed.

I’m not surprised I jumped on the citrus bandwagon. Back in the 1990s I was one of the eight people that actually enjoyed Crystal Pepsi. I bought everything “clear” then, clear deoderant, clear laundry detergent, clear milk. We all know how long Crystal Pepsi lasted. It can be found on ebay today for a pretty penny.

Just think, in ten years you’ll probably be able to buy “Colgate Citrus Splash!” toothpaste for $50.00 on ebay! Save up your pennies.