Heart Like A Wheel.

I downloaded the latest greatest hits album from The Human League on iTunes yesterday. This collection is entitled, “The Very Best of the Human League” and contains all remastered versions of their classics, including the track that never made it to the states in ’01, “All I Ever Wanted”, which by the way is an awesome track.

Anyways, back in 1989 they came out with a song called “Heart Like A Wheel”. It barely made the Top 30, but it was pretty big in the clubs. I find some of the lyrics very interesting.

Sell your soul for a holy war,
Set the captive free.
We make no promises anymore,
But it isn’t fooling me.

Heart like a wheel,
Turning away from anything that’s real.
Heart like a wheel,
Changing in time, beating cold as steel.

You can’t keep the wheels turning anymore,
With anger, blood and fear,
Or make any friends with an M-16,
When you blast your way through here.

Interesting that this track was written when there was a Bush in office.