She Works Hard For The Money.

I stumbled across this article on many, many, many, many news sites and blogs over the weekend. It’s unfortunate that my immediate response was a shrug of the shoulders and muttering “typical”.

If you don’t feel like clicking the link, here’s the short version. While New Orleans and surrounding area is under several feet of water with thousands of people literally starving, dehydrating and dying in the streets, Condoleeza Rice maintained her vacation schedule and went shoe shopping up Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. One woman approached her and said “Shame on you!” along with other assorted rants. Condy didn’t like the verbal attack, so she had the woman physically removed from the store.

After her exhausting trip up Fifth Avenue, Condy then took in the new Broadway comedy, “Spamalot”. Reports say she was laughed heartily during the show but was booed after the lights came up at the end.

And to think I feel guilty for using internet bandwidth for bitching about my pool being green or feeling cranky this morning when thousands upon thousands of people are starving, suffering or worse in the South. And I don’t even like the South.

Shame on you Condoleeza Rice for showing disinterest in the plight of thousands of human beings in the gulf states.

Shame on you Condoleeza Rice for having a woman physically taken away by security for expressing her opinion. (Perhaps she was a terrorist that encouraged bad fashion or something).

Shame on you Condoleeza Rice for spending $7,000 for a pair of shoes. Note to American people – this woman is paid WAY too much money.

When all is said and done, this administration will go down as the laughing stock of American history.

But fear not because last year the American voters did stop a few gay men and lesbians from getting married in a few states. After all, that’s what was most important. I’m glad we still know where our priorities are.