Point And Shoot.

I was wondering how big of a faux pas it would be for start carrying around our Sony digital camera all the time. Would the Queer Eye boys flock in and have an absolute hissy fit for accessorizing with the wrong accessories?

Last night’s flight with my father was totally unplanned. Earl and I arrived at my dad’s house, where Karen (his girlfriend) said, “Your father wants you to go to the airport, right away!”. I had a big grin, because I knew that we were going flying. But I wanted to take proper pictures of the event, since it had been four years since the last time I flew with him.

Unfortunately, the camera was sitting next to this PowerBook at our house, 60 miles away.

The camera in my Motorola V400 cell phone just doesn’t cut it. Yeah, you can get an idea of what I’m trying capture in a Kodak moment, for example, in yesterday’s pictures from the plane you saw some sky and some land, which is good. But the pictures look like such crap. When Earl and I were in Disneyworld on vacation last February, there were people taking their vacation photos with their cell phones. What wainkers.

But I was a wainker last night!

I think I’m going to either get a better cell phone with a higher quality camera or just start packing the Sony camera in the car and start photographing everything.