There’s Nothing Spooky About Erie.

Earl and I jumped on the freeway this morning and made the trek across Indiana and Ohio, arriving in Erie, Pa. this evening around 7:00 p.m. We’ve installed ourselves at the Holiday Inn Express on Peach Street near I-90. It’s a nice little hotel with internet access. Unfortunately they don’t have any Ethernet cables available for sign-out, and I seem to be missing my ethernet cable from my backpack, so I’m typing this blog entry in TextEdit and will upload it later.

It’s August 12 – I have to say “Happy Birthday, Mike”. I can’t remember if your birthday is the 12th or 14th, so I’ll just play it safe and say happy birthday tonight.

We had a great dinner at “Quaker Steak and Lube” which sounds kinkier than it really is. Mother Nature treated us to an awesome thunderstorm toward the tail end of our supper. After we finished up we drove through downtown Erie and along the lakefront, looking for signs of a gay bar. Not that we were going to go in or anything, well, maybe for one drink. Unfortunately the last time I was out and about in Erie was 1990 and gay bars barely stay put for one year, let alone 15. So no booty shaking tonight.

So now we’re catching a little television before calling it a night. Tomorrow we’re taking the short drive to Buffalo, doing some shopping and then meeting up with some friends for the night.