The Jig’s Up.

After trying to skirt the questions Earl has been asking me the past 24 hours, I finally had to give in and tell him about the surprise I was planning.

He’s in Indianapolis for training and was planning on coming home Friday morning. After he was settled in Indy, he realized that there was an earlier flight that was leaving Thursday afternoon and though it would cost more money, he was going to change his flight home. I advised that flying through Chicago sucks. I told him he’d end up driving home from the airport in the middle of the night. He responded with a “So what?!?” I ended up telling him that I had a present arriving for him on Thursday and he’d have to stay until Friday to enjoy it.
yond That present would be me.

After I finish this blog entry, I’m packing up the PowerBook, packing up Tom and loading up the Jeep for an all night ride to Indianapolis, after I drop Tom off at his Gram’s. It’s been a very long time since I’ve gone on a road trip like this, all night long, but I am psyched beyond belief. Not only am I going to be driving uncharted territory, but I’m getting to meet up with Earl so that we can do a little midwest Jeep tour this weekend!