Hungry After Lunch.

I ate my lunch about 45 minutes ago and I’m hungry already. I’m wondering if this is a normal thing. I don’t recall having these issues when I was successfully losing weight a couple of years ago.

For lunch today I had a turkey sandwich – two pieces of turkey on wheat bread, with a slice of cheese and pickles. I complimented the feast with a pint of iced tea, a deli-style pickle and a handful of peeled baby carrots. It was all very delicious.

I’m now in the mood to eat an entire pound of potato salad.

I’m trying to get my body back “in whack” so that I’m not constantly hungry. Part of it stems from things being a slow at work right now, I suppose. I benchmark my workday with snacks. At 8:30, I get to eat a banana! At 10:00, I get to eat my all-natural rice-crisp bar! At 12:00 I get to eat my lunch!

I should probably find better mileposts to gauge my day.

I am currently resisting the urge to eat the entire bag off tortilla chips that are currently sitting on the kitchen counter, approximately one meter to the right of the stove. The bag is facing up, with the opening of the bag facing the stove. The chips are a “thick” style and a golden in color.

They are currently screaming my name. Not “J.P.”, mind you, but my given name of John. John John JOHN JOHN! I think the chips are using John to let me know that they are serious.

I think I’m going to cave in when I get back to work and drink a diet Pepsi. That’ll put a stop to the hunger rumbles I’m feeling.