May 22, 2005

Interoffice Communication.

Earl and I have separate computer rooms these days. I’ve moved into the music studio and he has the old wreck room. The reason for this is because he likes to sing out loud and I like to do the same, usually to a different tune.

Anyways, we IM back and forth once in a while or just yell.

Him: “Are we going for a ride this afternoon? We’re not eating supper until 7 or so.”

Me: “Where would you like to go?”

Him: “Poughkeepsie.”

Now, I have no idea why Earl wants to head to Poughkeepsie but I doubt we can get there and back before the supper deadline.

Square Peg. Round Hole.

Earl and I went to see “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” tonight. It was a decent enough movie and did well to tie up some loose ends and pave the way for the original Star Wars movie that came out so long ago. It does amaze me how far we’ve come in CGI effects over the past couple of decades. The movie looks like there was liberal use of “cut and paste”, there were so many starships and such whizzing around in almost every scene.

After the movie, we weren’t that tired so we got all spontaneous like and headed to Syracuse and went to the bar there called ‘Rain’. I must say that I’m feeling rather obsolete these days. I was the only man in the bar with a full beard (Earl shaved his off a couple of days ago, opting for the rather handsome mustache only look). I’ll bet $5.00 I was the only one wearing 501s. I kind of felt out of place with the shaved head and full beard, as the majority of guys there seemed to be very metrosexual. The older guys that weren’t going metrosexual were desperately trying to grab on to their fading youth and quite frankly were losing the battle. I must say I don’t get it. When did it become commonplace for men to get shaped, arched eyebrows that used to be found only on 1930s era starlets? Do men ever grow full beards instead of these thin line, take five hours to trim job thingees? Do a lot of men in their early 20s get their hair highlighted and/or streaked? I thought that was reserved for older women that were trying to cover up the gray. And when did men start wearing Britney Spears midriff shirts? Call me crazy, but I like men that are men. You don’t have to be a construction worker or anything, but rather just your average Joe. I guess I don’t have tolerance for those that seem so posey. Hell, maybe I’m just judgmental and am not accepting them for whomever they are. But If I ever had the occasion to play around with any of these guys (not that I would every touch them with a ten foot pole, being married and all), I’d break them in half and they’d go home crying to their mama. Thank god I’m not in the dating game.

So Earl and I had two drinks and headed home. It seemed like the best thing to do, what with us being married and all. And being the big boys that we are, we had a little bit of Mc Donalds at one of the Thruway rest areas.