I have enjoyed the first three seasons of “For All Mankind”. There’s been a couple of hiccups in the story in the later seasons that bothered me a bit, but the series as a whole has been quite enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the release of season four this year.

I’ve wondered about the science behind the series; how close to a future reality is it? Well, YouTube suggested a series of videos from AppleTV showing the science behind the scenes of “For All Mankind” and how close it is to reality. I’m impressed by the amount of scientific investigation they are apparently doing as they formulate the storylines of the series. While it’s fun to think of Star Trek as being scientifically accurate, we all know we’re not going to see a transporter anytime soon. However, spaceships sailing on protons or nuclear fusion? We’re headed in that direction. And that gives me some hope.

Now, I know of the efforts to colonize Mars and get back to the moon and all that stuff. It’s these efforts that will ultimately make our lives better here on Earth. When folks ask, “why do we need to go to Mars?” I always reply it’s because it’s the impetus to make things better here on Earth.

And we really need to make things better here on Earth.