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Rest In Peace Debralee Scott.

Today I learned that Debralee Scott passed away on April 5 from natural causes. She was 52 years old.

You may remember Debralee from a handful of television shows in the 70s… she was Hotsie Totsie, the female Sweathog on “Welcome Back, Kotter”. She played Donna Pescow’s sister on “Angie”. She was on “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”. And she was a semi-present fixture on that old game show “Match Game.” Believe it or not, she was also on an episode of “Isis”!

I always thought Debralee Scott rocked. She had that 70s appeal and the 70s hair. She worked what she had and always had a street-smarts vibe.

May you enjoy your return Home. Blessed Be.

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  1. I still remember Debralee, the girl next door in “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud” (saw it in 1975). I couldn’t believe how hot she was in her cutoff jeans, and Michael Sarrazin totally blew her off! Oh well, it’s funny what you remember. Thank you Debralee. You gave me the sweetest dreams.

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