April 4, 2005

I Want Oohs and Aahs.

There’s a song by Linda Eder called “I Want More”. An incredible vocalist, Ms. Eder is lyrically complaining about the man that she’s saddled up with. I first discovered “I Want More” a couple of years ago when my friend Laurie performed it at a State Fair competition. Laurie is the Executive Director of the Miss Mohawk Valley Scholarship Program that Earl and I support. When Laurie is performing a song, she doesn’t sing it. Rather, she performs it with sign language. As far as I can tell, Laurie is an incredible linguist in American Sign Language.

While the song is rather demanding on the part of the singer, there are some lyrics that include:

I want Shakespeare sonnets,
I want oohs and aahs
I want long stemmed roses,
In a Gucci vase.

I know, a guy like me applying these lyrics to my life is trés gay. I say “who cares”. It’s still a recipe for a dynamite romance and everyone should have a little romance in life. Who cares what others think? Each and every person in this world should have the honor of falling in love.

I’m very happy, or perhaps fortunate is a better word, to say that our life together is full of oohs and aahs. Earl and I are blessed in the relationship department in that we still “get it” after all these years. We know our mutual likes and dislikes. We communicate. (No one can rattle dishes like I can during some of our ‘communication’). I know it sounds like I have my head in the clouds, but perhaps its because I really do. I wake up in the morning and see the bear that’s been sleeping in my bed and say “damn, you may not be Goldilocks (with this haircut?) but you’re one lucky guy.”

Now what to do with this Gucci vase.