April 7, 2005

Crazy Week.

I have declared this week officially a “crazy week”. You may think that I’m referring to the fact that I’ve been very busy. No, that’s not it. I’ve completely lost my mind and am desperately looking around trying to find it again.

I’ve been somewhat of a mess at work. For some reason I haven’t been as motivated as usual and that kind of disappoints me. I can just imagine what it does for my supervisor! Always the perfectionist, I say that if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. I’m not going to waste the energy to half-ass a project when I could sit back and relax and chat about American Idol. Thank goodness I work for a company that has a nice internet connection.

Then there’s the whole eternal diet thing. I declared this past Sunday that I was going to abstain from meat and try to eat healthier (AGAIN!) this week while my body shifted into spring mode. What did I know? I’ve pretty much lived on the no meat policy but I’ve eaten anything that’s not nailed down. Please let me know if I belch up a TiVo remote. I’m desperately craving a cheeseburger from someplace, anyplace, anywhere. Except Burger King, because that new plastic Burger King guy that looks into windows on the television commercial is just damn creepy and I don’t want to be molested at a Burger King. I really want a greasy, diner derived cheeseburger. In a pinch, I’ll settle for Mc Donalds. Hell, in a pinch, I’ll settle for a shoe with Cheeze Whiz.

I thought this week would just fly, fly, fly right by because I’m off this afternoon and all day tomorrow. I guess the lack of motivation at work made time slow down or something, because the clock was having none of it.

Tonight we are headed to New Haven, Conn. Earl has business meetings tomorrow and I get to officially live the dream of Guy Friday. I’m looking forward to bouncing on the bosses knee and seeing him in action (take it as you will). Tomorrow night we’re going to give Foxwoods Casino or Mohican Sun a spin and come home with a ton of money.

That’s if I don’t lose my marbles completely.