April 8, 2005


Earl and I have just returned from business meetings with two of his vendors for work. It’s been a wonderful day here in lovely Connecticut. This is the first time in nine years that I’ve ever accompanied him on business meetings so I got to witness him in action first hand.

I’ve found yet another reason that I am in love.

One of the many, many things I find attractive about Earl is that he has a certain charisma. He knows how to handle himself and he does it well. He’s in command of a situation (even with a nutjob such as myself) and has a certain quality to his character that engages others around him. I was quite excited to see that this trait translates well to the business arena.

I have been in many conferences and meetings in my life. I’ve worked for a huge 120,000+ employees company. While there, I attended many staff meetings, development meetings, programming meetings and strategy meetings. I’ve seen a lot of men and women in action.

Earl tops them all.

He knows his business and he knows it well. He has a way of remaining strictly professional yet reaching a personal level that brings a sense of comfort to those in attendance. It’s something I’d like to emulate in my professional life. I profess that I probably can’t come close as it only comes with experience.

But it’s a goal to strive for.

Judging John.

Earl and I have safely arrived in Hartford, Conn. after driving and driving and driving in rain. A trip to the east is not complete without a stop at the Windmill Diner in dubious Amsterdam, N.Y. I didn’t give in to the cheeseburger, but I did have a bison burger that was quite fabulous. Their little advertisements point to a web site, but I went to look and there is a sex site there. I guess it’s kinky sex if there’s windmills involved.

So now we’re settling in for the night here at the Sheraton in East Hartford. I’m looking forward to the day tomorrow. Earl says that this activity is going to convince me that I need to retire and start traveling with him. How could we support my spending habits if I was retired? Oh well, at least it’s something to dream about.

Maybe we’ll win the lottery tomorrow night. Now that would be fabulous!