Earl and I have just returned from business meetings with two of his vendors for work. It’s been a wonderful day here in lovely Connecticut. This is the first time in nine years that I’ve ever accompanied him on business meetings so I got to witness him in action first hand.

I’ve found yet another reason that I am in love.

One of the many, many things I find attractive about Earl is that he has a certain charisma. He knows how to handle himself and he does it well. He’s in command of a situation (even with a nutjob such as myself) and has a certain quality to his character that engages others around him. I was quite excited to see that this trait translates well to the business arena.

I have been in many conferences and meetings in my life. I’ve worked for a huge 120,000+ employees company. While there, I attended many staff meetings, development meetings, programming meetings and strategy meetings. I’ve seen a lot of men and women in action.

Earl tops them all.

He knows his business and he knows it well. He has a way of remaining strictly professional yet reaching a personal level that brings a sense of comfort to those in attendance. It’s something I’d like to emulate in my professional life. I profess that I probably can’t come close as it only comes with experience.

But it’s a goal to strive for.