Bad Timing.

Here it is the first Monday in April and I’m once again suffering from my self titled affliction of “Bad Timing”. For innocent bystanders, I’ll say it laymen’s terms.

Its once again “Daylight Saving Time”.

Golly I hate the time change every April. It just feels so unnatural to me. Now I have to travel to the Central Time Zone as much as possible to feel in sync with my body’s natural rhythm. To many, this concept doesn’t really make sense, but my body just knows when it’s the wrong time. For example, as I type this, my body is screaming 7:30! 7:30! 7:30! I look at the four clocks within eyeshot and they all scream 8:30! 8:30! 8:30!

Why do I resist this?

For the next few days I’ll go to bed when I’m not tired, wake up when I am tired, eat when I’m not hungry and well, you get the idea. All this just for a few extra minutes of daylight. I’d rather fly to Sydney, Australia and back and suffer from a serious case of jet lag instead of going through this one hour adjustment that we must endure.

Local folklore says we do this for the farmers. What a crock of bull poo. The farmers hate the time change as much as I do, as Bessy and her friends don’t like the change in schedule. Chickens get cranky and hold back on the eggs. Milk production actually goes down. I don’t blame the livestock one bit. If I could let out an indignant “moo” with any sort of meaning I probably would.

I can’t fight it. I can’t go around pretending that it’s only brunch time when it’s lunch time. I can’t get to work late. So I have to comply.

But I won’t like it.