Renovations are in progress at The Manor. Just typing this sentence strikes a little bit of fear into my heart, because I don’t like feeling that the house is in a topsy-turvy state. I can easily handle chaos, but disruption makes me crazy, if that makes any sort of sense at all.

The kitchen floor is officially missing. A couple of years ago the ceramic tiles started buckling and cracking. We’ve officially decided to do something about this and the new floor has been decided upon and will be finalized tonight. In the meantime, we had a crew come in and remove all the tiles. Walking through the kitchen is now a little like an episode of “Bonanza”. The people look familiar but there’s a little bit of dust being kicked about. We clear the kitchen table with a leaf blower now.

To install the floor properly will involve the removal of all appliances. The cabinets can stay in place, we are just going to leave the tiles under them. Out of site, out of mind. It’s a shame that the original tiles weren’t put down properly because the original floor was quite nice.

Other sprucing up of the kitchen includes new countertops and a new refrigerator. Both will be much appreciated.

I think I might have Earl talked into a new washer and dryer, since the stack unit now rumbles so loudly that is sounds like a Harrier is hovering over the house when everything is spinning. Tom still braves the sound to use his adjacent litter box, but his ears are folded back and he had a look of displeasure on his face when he’s doing his business.

I think we have picked out a gazebo type thing for the back patio so we can enjoy the outdoors in shaded comfort this summer. Plans currently include more time at home and less time on the road this summer, so we should be comfortable whilst doing so. I think we might spruce up the flower beds and landscaping too. It’ll be fun to have something to do for relaxation that doesn’t involve a tweet or a beep. I think I might give out canned fruits and vegetables for the holidays at the end of the year. Act giddy when we give you something practical.