Bring In The Rain, Bring In The Shine.

As I mentioned in last night’s entry, I’ve discovered a new dance song called “Come Rain, Come Shine” by Jenn Cuneta. Sirius 66 “The Beat” lists her as Jennifer Cuneta. After doing a little Googling, I’ve discovered that she used to be known as “J. Cee”, who performed for the radio station I was programming, Wow FM, at Summer Bash II. The song is available on iTunes, so I promptly downloaded it and burned it to a CD for the car. I’ve played it five or six times today already. I find it to be a truly great song and the type of tune that prompted to get into the whole dance music business in the first place.

Anyways, one of the great things about this tune is that it is a spring/summer type song. Upbeat, full of life. It perfectly compliments my commute today in that it is currently 60 degrees and sunny here in Upstate New York. I’m ready to uncover the pool and patio furniture and start celebrating the outdoors after a long winter’s nap. Trees are taking their first steps towards budding, more and more birds are headed north for a change and there’s few traces of snow left in persistent shady areas around our property. There’s a wonderous spring and summer that lies ahead this year. Good things are going to happen… for me, for us and for those around us.

I have a weekend of on-call ahead, but I’m not too upset about it because the weather is suppose to turn rainy until Monday. Rainy weather usually means more overtime or comp time when I’m on call, so perhaps I can make it a short week next week. I’m already taking Friday off, courtesy of comp time I’ve earned this week, to accompany Earl on a business trip to New Haven, Conn. This is a first for us. He’ll be in high powered meetings and I’ll be off shopping. I’m wondering if I’ll be invited to that fabled wives’ luncheon I’ve mentioned in the past, where these dainty, well kept wives straight out of Stepford are enjoying tea and crumpets, white gloves and all, while I’m eating a rueben on rye and a big gulp with my elbows on the table. I guess “huzbear” doesn’t translate to “wife” very well.