Weekends In The Woods.

So Earl and I are back from another delightful weekend at Hillside Campground in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. This weekend’s theme was “Bears In The Woods III” and I can attest with nary a trace of humor in my voice there were a lot of bears in the woods at camp this year. I believe it was a sold out crowd.

Mother Nature decided the bears needed to be well done on Saturday and kept it hot and humid with temperatures in the mid 90s. Luckily, Earl and I were on a site that was mostly shade this time so it wasn’t too bad. We even made an appearance in the pool and one of heeded our swimming rule: “Remember not to get your suit wet.”

We spent much of the weekend hanging out with our friends Sean and Jeffrey and their site mates and our friends Brad and Brian from New Jersey. We also met another blogger, Rich, who was just a delight to talk with. First Earl came in late Saturday night so we had breakfast with him this morning. Earl and I love hanging out with Earl and I’m really happy that while things didn’t work out between first Earl and I years and years ago, we are able to maintain a good, solid friendship. Rich snapped a photo of Earl, Earl and I at breakfast. I stole the photo from his site.

Earl, Earl and JP

I really appreciate the fact that Hillside is it’s own little existence that’s really a step out of the daily grind of reality. If you want to get wild, there’s an opportunity to get wild. If you just want to hang out with lots of like minded guys, that’s easy to do as well. One of the great things is that there is a strong sense of community, especially among the “perms”. When Earl and I were packing up camp this morning, the guys across the road from us noticed we were struggling a little bit with pulling up the canopy stakes and offered to lend us a hand, which was much appreciated. We in turn wowed them a little bit when we flexed our muscles and moved the camper around by hand so we could easily get it out of the site.

All in all it was a great weekend. We’re heading back in two weeks for more fun!