1. Double d*mn you!! (see previous comment)

    I recall the first year I was there hearing the sounds of Josh Groban filling those hills with the sounds of music. I had never heard of him. but he is one of my all time favs now.

    That is another great part of Hillside. You can hear Celine. You can hear “Billy Bob”. You can hear disco. And it all fits.

    Grilled English muffins?! AAuuuggghhh! Do you know how cruel you are being torturing me like this?!!

    (Super glad you had a great time!)

  2. J.P. I just happened upon your blog, and I have to explain that the music you were hearing that morning was coming from our friends’ Peter and Mel’s site down the road from you. They were getting the sound system ready for their commitment ceremony which was held later that Saturday. I’m a perm camper at Hillside at “The Birdcage”, which is located up the hill towards NNS site and the play area next door to the Lost Boys site (we have the big green awning and white trailer with rock garden in front). My partner Terry and I own the site. Stop by in 2008 when you and Earl are there. I’m a road geek too…formerly living in Buffalo (where I grew up), now transplanted to Maryland. Craig

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