I know I am now in eldergay territory. Back in my day I spent many hours DJing at various bars and events, but one thing I never encountered was a “foam party” at a bar.

Jamie went to a foam party a few weeks ago and came home quite wet. Earl and I are in Phoenix for a quick getaway weekend and we went to one of the local bars last night. They had a foam party. Earl knew this ahead of time and brought an extra pair of shorts and a shirt for the occasion. I held his little bag holding these items while he played around in the foam.

Being the odd one, not only did I think of the scene shown above from “Bewitched”, I kept saying to Earl, “you’re soaking in it”. Knowing me like he does, he immediately got it and it smiled.

There were several men dancing around in the foam and they seemed to be having a good time. It’s not really my jam to do that sort of thing in public but I was happy to see so many folks having fun.