Off Grid.

As we waited for our table for brunch this morning, we took the opportunity to go to the adjacent bookstore. I stumbled across this book and I was instantly intrigued.

I’ve always been fascinated by those that choose to go “off the grid”. The idea appeals to me, which is quite ironic because I live my life very much on the grid. I know my husband would never have an interest in living in the middle of nowhere, even though from time to time I remark that I could easily live for a year working in Antarctica or something.

The civil engineering feats of building my own shelter or designing the perfect “tiny house” or something is intriguing. I don’t necessarily have the skillset to build something like this, but designing it would be a fun little activity.

I picked up “Off Grid Life” by Foster Huntington. Once I get through the book I’ll probably write more about it here on the blog.