PowerBook Love.

I should be writing my last thematic paper of the semester. It’s due tomorrow but I haven’t felt sufficiently inspired to jump into a captivating monologue on “The Glass Menagerie”. I’m not worried about the task, I’ll have it done on time as I enjoyed reading the play very much and Earl and I are going to see it tonight. It’ll be our first theatre experience at the college.

So instead of working on my homework I ended up playing around with the camera and software on the blog. Inspired by a woman that calls herself iJustine, I decided to take a photo of my PowerBook and me. If you click on the picture below, it should open up a new box with the photo in a larger size.

My photos are always available on Flickr, but I like adding bells and whistles to the blog. Any future photos on the blog will be in this new format, so go click crazy.