Scary Fast, Part 2.

On Monday I noticed in the credits of the Apple “Scary Fast” event that the entire 30 minute production had been shot on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

I find this impressive.

Apple released a “behind the scenes” video showing how this was done and it’s amazing to me that an iPhone can be used to film an entire promotional video. This area of technology is moving forward quickly.

This has further inspired me to use my iPhone as my primary video device when storm chasing. At the moment I’m still using an iPhone 13 Pro, but I’m sure the next iPhone in my pocket will be the “Pro Max” version of whatever is the latest at the moment.

I wonder what Hollywood productions are being shot on iPhone (outside of the current actors’ strike). I imagine the days of miles of film and large cameras on top of a rig are long gone.

Just for fun I took a random shot on my iPhone 13 Pro just prior to writing this blog entry. It’s the corner of my work desk.

To my amateur eye I find the quality of this two year old iPhone to be amazing.

Scary Fast.

I miss the days of Apple events being full of surprises. So many journalists and pundits share every scrap of Apple speculation and rumor possible. I try my best to avoid these things; I like my Apple event experience to be somewhat old school Apple.

Tonight Apple had their “Scary Fast” event. The company took 30 minutes to introduce the latest iteration of their M-series chips, focusing on their beefed up MacBook Pro line. They also introduced the new chips to their colorful line of iMacs.

I’m sure the new M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips are going to be crazy, crazy fast. My M2 MacBook Air is wicked fast for my needs, heck, my M1 Mac mini is still being used by Jamie for his photography needs and he finds it to be amazing. Apple has made amazing strides with their custom silicon. The user experience is amazing. And the new Space Black color offered for their MacBook Pros looks quite impressive. I can’t wait to see it in person.

For the time being I am quite pleased with my existing MacBook Air so I have little need to upgrade. I found the polish of the presentation to be quite enjoyable and I am happy to see Apple moving the needle forward with their technology advances.


I found the new iPhone 15 Pro wallpapers online so you don’t have to. Right-click and “Open Image in New Tab” to see in full size.


I know most will not agree with me, but I found this segment of today’s Apple presentation to be the most compelling, and the most important.

There’s a lot of snark online about Apple and their devices and their features and all of that. I know, your flip phone could do everything plus bake a loaf of bread back in 1972. Your “blarrrrgggggghhh” tweets/Xcrements from your Android phone could wipe the floor with anyone and everyone that works at Apple. I know, I know, you need your superiority.

You know what’s superior? Taking care of the planet. Listening to Mother Nature. And Apple gets it right. And it shows, right here.

This was the most important message of today’s presentation. Let’s do everything we can to be carbon neutral, as fast as we can.

And let’s face it, Octavia Spencer is one fine Mother Nature.


There has been something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for a while, and after several weeks of pondering on this, I have decided to go for it and make this bold announcement right here on my blog. That’s right, you’re hearing it here first.

I bought the official Apple Polishing Cloth.

There it is in glorious color, positioned at a jaunty angle atop the original packaging.

I mentioned this fact a few weeks ago on an Apple centric Reddit channel and was promptly chastised and mocked for having made such a purchase from an extravagant $19.00. Apparently I can go to the dollar store and buy some knock off wipes called Sham-Mee or Sham-Wow or something and accomplish the same exact task, the desire to clean finger prints from my M2 MacBook Air in Midnight, with the same ease instead of buying into Apple’s rapid and vapid commercialism and capitalism and paying a whopping $19.00 for a polishing cloth.

After all, in this era of buying $9 coffees (Mocha-Chocha-Woo-Woo-Zaire-Lite, no whip please) with more calories that an African nation, how dare I spend money that will make Tim Apple a billionaire.

I like my polishing cloth. It feels good on my hands, it completes its task quite well, and I’m so delighted I’ll probably buy another one to whip out at Starbucks.

Mocha-Chocha that.


So I’m typing this blog entry on my iPad Pro, but I’m using the case designed for my old 2018 iPad Pro. The camera hole doesn’t fit right, but that doesn’t prevent the keyboard from working as intended, I just can’t use this old keyboard setup as a carrying case.

I’m good with that.

I’m strongly considering asking Chris and Mike to use the laser cutter to make the camera hole bigger in as clean a fashion as possible. That would make things fit like it’s suppose to and would revive this case that’s been gathering dust in the back of my “tech drawer”.

I like recycling old tech.


I have owned MacBooks of some vintage and designation for the past 20 years. My latest computer is a 2022 M2 MacBook Air, and I just love this computer. It’s fast, it’s light, and it does everything I want it to do. It’s become my daily driver and while I jump to my older ThinkPad T460s with Linux for dabbling from time to time, the main focus of my computing experience is my MacBook Air. I have the “Midnight” variant.

And fingerprints and smudges love the midnight finish.

My previous MacBook Pro had stickers proudly proclaiming my various interests. I have the same on the aforementioned Lenovo ThinkPad as well as the case of my iPad Pro. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting stickers on this MacBook Air, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, not yet.

The lightness of this computer makes it a little more easier to drop, or I’m getting clumsy as I get older. So, for the first time in my computing life, I ordered a protective case for my laptop.

I found a case that fits the bill; I saw it used in an Army article on the U.S. Army’s Cyber Security website and discovered it was rather inexpensive on Amazon. The case is from SUPCASE and it snapped right into place with little muss nor fuss.

I really like the way it looks and I like the slight heft it has added to the MacBook Air experience. I didn’t realize the case would be so shiny; notice the wall receptacle in the shot below.

Overall I am quite pleased and I’ve had the case for just over an hour. I hope to never test the survival of a drop metrics, but knowing I have a case on my computer in case I do get a case of clumsiness is quite reassuring.

Apple Store.

We are at the Apple Store with our friend Marshall. He is trading in his iPhone 12 for and iPhone 14 Pro Max. I like the vibe of this store here in Tucson.

It’s been a long time since we did an in store selfie. Today we used a MacBook Air identical to my personal MacBook Air. It’s fun to do Apple Store selfies again.

There’s a “Today At Apple” basic training class going on at the next table. I enjoy the age range of the attendees. Good for them.


I’m always on the search for better wallpaper for my devices. I need my backgrounds to be non intrusive, muted by colorful, inspiring, and very high quality. I don’t want to see the pixels, just the theme.

This is my current selection.

Orange is the color of inspiration. Blue is calming. This makes me happy.


It has been my attention to take a “modern” approach to my personal computing needs. I have an M1 Mac mini from 2020 for my desktop setup, and I’d do everything on my 12.9 inch M1 iPad Pro. Apple encourages users to try this approach and I was willing to give it a whirl. I tried this before with my old iPad Pro and I find the experience a little limiting when traveling.

I had my iPad Pro as my primary computer on my last trip back East and even though Apple insists the iPadOS can do everything I need to do, there were limitations. I’d go to a website to take care of some medical paperwork for my mother and it wouldn’t work. Multitasking is never easy, even with the latest updates to iPadOS. The setup worked 80% of the time and as we start traveling more, I need a setup that works 100% of time.

I finally convinced my husband I needed a laptop. I’ve been playing around with the idea of going to a non-Apple device again and focusing on a Linux setup. Even though there has been huge progress with Linux on the desktop over the years, again, I’d find myself becoming dissatisfied with that setup and knew I’d still be wanting a proper Mac laptop. After all, MacOS gives me the full UNIX experience I’m looking for with the terminal always being available.

Enter my new M2 MacBook Air.

For the first time in my Apple existence, I stepped away from the standard “Space Gray” and decided to go with their Midnight model. I also went up a notch from their base offering in the space and went with the 10 core GPU and 512GB SSD version.

I’m absolutely amazed at how fast this machine is. And it is gorgeous, oh so gorgeous.

Some unboxing photos.

I never owned a Mac that had the “butterfly” keyboard. My last MacBook Pro was the very last 2015 model they offered before switching to the butterfly keyboard. I set that loose a couple of years ago when it looked like it wouldn’t be easily supported by the latest versions of MacOS. My husband had a butterfly keyboard on his first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (I don’t remember the year). His current machine, a 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, was purchased a year ago for his birthday and is still blazing fast.

The “M” series of Apple’s processors are absolutely amazing. I have always been impressed with the performance of my M1 Mac mini. Anything I threw at it was not a problem. When I used the machine for work during COVID, with video calls and multiple applications, and compiling software, and everything else, the computer didn’t break a sweat. It’s going to be repurposed for Jamie to use in his music studio, replacing a 2014 iMac he’s been using for a very long time.

This new M2 MacBook Air leaves that M1 Mac mini in the dust. I did not expect to see such a speed increase. This computer has been an absolute delight for the past 24 hours.

The setup was not as straightforward as I would expect from Apple. A few months ago Apple offered “Advanced Data Protection” for iCloud. This added an extra layer of encryption so that absolutely no one could access my data while in iCloud. The new feature requires the latest version of the relevant operating systems. As you can see in the last screenshot, the first thing I needed to do was upgrade my brand new computer from macOS Monterey to MacOS Ventura. Ventura made its debut last fall: five or six months ago.

Because of Advanced Data Protection I was unable to add my iCloud account to this new computer. That left me with two choices: add a temporary account so I could update the machine and then jimmy around in the users’ panel to add the “real” account or turn off Advanced Data Protection on iCloud (lowering security) so I could add the computer, update the computer, and then turn on Advanced Data Protection.

I tried the former, but ended up getting into a dead-end when it came to user management. This resulted in some fast searching to bring my computer back to factory settings and then I opted to go with option two. As a computing security zealot that is probably more paranoid than necessary, I found this approach unsettling but I went ahead and did it anyway.

The second solution worked and once that was done, I had everything up and running as I wanted within a couple of hours.

Aside from that hiccup, this computer has continued to amaze me with its performance. One thing I love about MacOS is that I can get to the terminal prompt and do all the UNIX (Linux-type) things I want to do but still have the MacOS experience riding on top of everything.

Overall I’m very pleased with the new computer. Aside from the few hiccups that seem to common around Apple these days, things are quite good and I’m a happy camper.