I’m always on a quest for minimalist, colorful, yet not intrusive “wallpaper” for my computing devices. I like all of my devices to match, that is, my iPhone, iPad Pro, Mac mini, and Linux machines all have to have the same wallpaper. The wallpaper can’t be grainy in larger resolutions and has to look crisp. I find anything outside of these parameters distracting and Lord knows I don’t need to be any more distracted than I already am.

YouTube suggested a video from a British chap who likes to talk about “secret” tips for using your Mac, and I spotted the wallpaper on his shiny new MacBook Pro. Since I don’t have one of those, and I’m not running the beta of Apple’s latest version of MacOS (Ventura?, I don’t remember), I grabbed a screenshot of his wallpaper and did a Google reverse image search.

I found it. I like it. Here it is.

I *think* if you click on that image above it’ll be available to be downloaded in full resolution to your computer, if you’re so inclined.

Update: I did some scouting around a bit more and found a better source for the wallpapers in question, you can download them from iDownload blog.