July 6, 2022


I’m writing this while the blog is down. I’ll post it to this day after things are up and running again.

Tonight I flew with a different flight instructor. Ed was a pleasant guy, fairly new out of flight school but he has all the ratings he needs. He’s now building time so he can make his way to the airlines. We had a pleasant flight.

It’s always important to take photos of the aircraft when doing the preflight, especially slightly flat spots on the tires. Primary students have a habit of having their feet on the brakes when they land and this can cause flat spots and early tire wear. If you blow a tire, it’s your financial responsibility to get it fixed. I thoroughly check the tires during my preflight. Tonight one tire had a slight bit of wear but plenty of tread. I wasn’t concerned about it surviving one of my landings, but I took a picture just in case.