July 9, 2022


The Monsoon has ramped up in these parts. Looking at the weather radar as I write this (21:27 / 9:27 PM MST), there’s a bunch of storms headed in our general direction from Mexico. We’ll see if they make it up here tonight.

In the meanwhile, during our adventures today we saw lots of lightning. Lightning is cool.


My husband is an hour away from me in this photo. This was taken on US 70 at the Arizona-New Mexico State Line. I’m standing in Mountain Standard Time, he is standing in Mountain Daylight Time.


There will be days where Truman spends most of his time upstairs relaxing in the master suite or the adjacent Observatory in his cat bed. (The observatory was built by the original designer of this house, we use it as an office and gaming area). Other days hell situate himself at my feet as I make my way through the workday. As long as there are occasionally treats and a couple of scritches behind the ears, hes good. Otherwise he stretches out and only wakes up if I move my chair. We both assure he wont be run over.