January 2022


My blog would be all rainbows and unicorns if it wasn’t for this incredibly greedy, stupid United States Senator from Arizona.

Believe me, my fellow citizens, I will do everything I can to make sure Senator Kyrsten Sinema is a one-term senator. With an 8% approval rating, I won’t have much to do.

If I Could Turn Back Time.

It seems like only yesterday that I was 28 years old, dancing bare chested with my new 36 year old boyfriend, amongst a campground of other bare chested men to this new song by Cher.

From 1996, here’s “One By One”.


I’ve done a bit of maintenance on the blog. Things should be running much faster, which should result in pages opening quicker. Hopefully this will make for an enjoyable reading experience for anyone that still stops by this little slice of Internet.

The blog turns 21 years old later this year. It’s amazing I’ve held it together this long.


Truman likes to spend part of the morning perched on his cat tree in my office looking out the window toward the front of the house. When he saw me get my camera out he wanted to know why I was interrupting his routine.


Today has been an interesting day. Let’s just go with some humor. Here’s a fun scene from “The Golden Girls”.


screen grab from the Doomsday clock website.

I dreamed about The Doomsday Clock the other night. If you’re unfamiliar with The Doomsday Clock, it is a metaphor for how close humans currently are to extinction or annihilation. The clock is currently at “100 seconds to midnight”, midnight representing doomsday. This is the closest mankind has ever been to midnight. The clock is adjusted once a year based on a number of factors; it’s been at 100 seconds to midnight since January 2020. The clock has been moved forward or backward 16 times since 1947.

There are many factors considered when scientists and scholars set the Doomsday Clock. The website has a lot of information on how this all works. The most concerning aspect is think tank types theorize human kind is the closest we’ve ever been to extinction.

That’s unsettling.

Back to my dream. I dreamed that I had input on the setting of The Doomsday Clock but didn’t know why it was being moved even closer to midnight. I then had visions of horrible effects from climate change (goodbye to Florida and the Gulf Coast) and wars being fought over Climate Change.

Luckily, being somewhat of a lucid dreamer, I was able to wake myself up from this dream without delving into the subject further. When I awoke I found myself on my way to the picture window we have in the front half of our bedroom.

I calmed myself down by looking at the darkness over the Sonoran Desert and the beauty of the Moon.

We should be aware of the message of the Doomsday Clock and everything it represents. Before it’s too late.


Yesterday, Shohreh Aghdashloo, best known to me as UN General Secretary Chrisjen Avasarala on “The Expanse” posted on video on her Twitter account that simply took my breath away. I don’t know if it was the cinematography, the music, or just the general vibe of the piece, but watching the video turned my day completely around and made everything just a little brighter.

In the video Ms. Aghdashloo says, in her characteristic low voice, “Isn’t this celestial”? What a beautiful word with big meaning. Celestial. The word rings a bell in my head and the sound is pleasant.


I took this photo while out for walk in the neighborhood the other night. It was taken about an hour after sunset and it was dark enough in that I couldn’t really see where I was walking without a flashlight. Yet, I decided to snap this photo to see if I could get a picture of the surroundings.

Night mode on the latest iPhone is very impressive. The sky was nowhere near that bright. I like the resulting contrast in the photo.

Your Thrift Habits.

I have fallen into a Youtube hole and have landed on “Your Thrift Habits”, a educational film from 1948. I don’t know why I landed here, but I do like the fashions.