January 1, 2022


Truman likes to know what’s going on when everyone in the family is gathered in the kitchen. He doesn’t want to sit on any laps or at the table or anything, but he wants to be nearby and hearing the conversation and the like. Once in a while someone will make a psst psst noise and he’ll come over for some pets, but just a couple.

He also likes to keep an eye on the back patio and gazebo, looking for signs of javelinas visiting or big birds swooping through the area. Occasionally he’ll chase a fly and have a snack. He ate a bee once and decided to not do that again.


I’m often reminded of how good life can be. Here is a shot from the local Target parking lot. Mountains, snow on the mountains, sunshine. Life is beautiful.

Maintain Momentum.

I shared an idea on social media yesterday. Since Betty White was such an animal lover, let’s start 2022 on a positive note and keep her love of animals alive by making a donation or volunteering with a local animal shelter. When this thought occurred to me, I did some quick searching on the Internet and discovered Pima Animal Care Center, here in Pima County. There are organizations like this all over and I’m sure there’s one in your neighborhood.

Too many of our furry friends need our help or need a home. Make a contribution in memory of Betty White, and let’s keep her love for animals alive.


It’s 2022 in Mountain Standard Time here in the United States. Happy New Year! Tonight I learned that in Mountain Standard Time we are fed the Central Time Zone delays of Times Square and assorted locals. The ball dropped at 11:00 PM MST. Both Times Square and Miley Cyrus’ Miami celebration lacked exuberance. It felt more obligatory than anything.

I hope everyone that has stopped by has a joyous holiday celebration.