February 2022

Moonlight Feels Right.

Even though I spent more than decade spinning club music in various bars and worked in Top 40 radio for a good share of my life, I’ve found myself drifting toward Yacht Rock Radio during what I hope area my “middle aged years”. One of my favorite songs from the 1970s played a LOT during most of 1976. Here’s a 2013 live performance from Starbuck with their top five hit, “Moonlight Feels Right”.

The marimba solo sounds almost identical to the original back in the mid 1970s. The backing “whoo ooos” during the second half of each verse, which isn’t in the original track (that I can tell), is identical to what I would sing when jamming to this track in the car on a wonderful summer day.

This performance is quite impressive for a band performing the track nearly 40 years after the original release.


Truman and I occasionally have a moment. This is his way of showing his tenderness. He has no interest in human food, but he will join us at supper time by sitting on the window ledge behind my head while I eat my meal.

Dynasty! In Spaaaaaace!

The short lived “V:The Series” in 1984 rapidly turned from an allegoric sci-fi mini series about Nazi Germany to Dynasty on a a space ship. For some reason I thought of this series this morning. Here’s a clip of Alexis and Krystle Diana and Lydia and one of their cat fights.

A Day.

I stepped out on our roof to admire the moonless sky. The stars shine so brightly here in Tucson and I find it breathtaking.

At precisely 10:00 PM a recording of “taps” began playing through the neighborhood. I suspect it was coming from a home across the wash and on the next street over. It made me think of the destruction we have in our world today. It made me think of those that have fallen in the name of peace.

A solemn moment for the end of the day.

No Flight.

I did not fly an airplane tonight. The weather here in Southern Arizona has turned cold and rainy. It’ll be back to desert like by the weekend.

I ended up working until 8:00 PM Mountain Time in an effort to keep up with all that’s going on at work. With war brewing on the other side of the globe, you have to wonder what’s important.


We went out for sushi. Since I didn’t bring my glasses along and I should be wearing them all the time, I ended up taking a photo of the menu so I could zoom in on my iPhone and decide on something to eat. The restaurant was quite nice and we had a good time. I had the Sachiko Special Roll with a side of fried rice. It was very good.


We have two areas of the house where we can walk out on the roof. These areas were advertised as balconies but they’re really not balconies. The roof would need some work to make them real balconies.

Each side of the house has this area and in each of these areas there’s a storage closet and a utility closet, but only accessible from the roof area. The previous owner put inside doors of low quality on these closets and the did not survive last year’s Monsoon.

We had a couple of estimates from local contractors to replace the doors and it was surprisingly expensive. Chris and Mike decided they could build high quality doors for half the price, including buying the tools necessary that we’d have forever. So, they built the doors and they look great.

The doors above are on the East End of the house before replacement. The doors on the West End were in worse shape. The doors below are the replacements built by Chris and Mike.

We are very grateful to have such talent in our home here in the desert. The new doors look great and the guys saved us a bunch of money.