I know, I’m one of those basic Americans that gets excited when McDonald’s blesses us with the McRib. They’re not quite the same as I remember years ago; there’s a much stronger “ketchup” taste with the barbecue sauce than I remember in the past, though to be fair, I’ve never had a McRib in Chicagoland before.

My husband and I drove to the burbs in search of a McDonald’s in the rain and hints of snow. It was a good way to kick off the weekend. As per the times, we blessed a drive thru with our presence and then found a parking spot to enjoy our meal. We are pros when it comes to eating in the car. With the weather as it was, I found a place to park so we could see flights into O’Hare descend out of the clouds just a few moments before touchdown.

McRibs and airplane watching, yep that’s a snappy Friday night date in my book.